Cabaret Tehran is the first place outside of Iran to promote and support Iranian music and singers.

Continuing the tradition after thirty-five years, Cabaret Tehran still provides an artistic, cultural and social atmosphere for all Iranians.

Whether you’re planning on having a family reunion or a fun night out with friends,

Cabaret Tehran is here to present you with the best quality food at reasonable prices and high quality entertainment in a cozy environment.

Whether you’ve been planning your celebration for years or just months,

Cabaret Tehran will make it an event you will remember for the rest of your life.

A few words from Mr. Ahmad Masoud:
After I finished high school (Pahlavi High in Hamedan, Iran), I moved to the States to continue my education in Business. After I graduated, due to my love of Iranian music I decided to start Cabaret Tehran. At the time friends and family were against the idea because I had no experience in running a restaurant or a nightclub. Regardless of their opposition and with limited resources (Iranian T.V, Radio, Magazine and a lot less Iranian population) being available, I continued running Cabaret Tehran and never gave up. Before you know it Cabaret Tehran became the only place for Persian singers to perform and entertain and for people to enjoy their time and reconnect with the music. Today everyone knows who I am and what I’ve done and there’s nothing more pleasing than knowing that people acknowledge my efforts and hard work in keeping the music alive and presenting it outside of Iran.

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