Yeganeh Bakery | Kafe Unik: is the first and only all natural whole wheat Sangak bakery in the Northern California (San Jose)Since 2009. Yeganeh Sangak has no added oil, sugar, or any preservatives and served with unprocessed sesame seeds.

A popular destination for traditional Persian sandwiches, bread, baked desserts & fresh juices.

In addition, Yeganeh Bakery and Kafe Unik, has been serving Bay Area since 2011 with its unique and high-quality coffee, pastry, and other wholesome food items.

Our family owned and operated business gain it’s reputation of high service standard, friendly environment, and premium quality food through our dedication to our mission statement:“High-quality products and excellent customer service” Yeganeh bakery and Kafe Unik accept catering for special events such as birthdays and weddings.
The LOFT provides an exclusive lounge space for private personal and corporate events. It is Amazing What a Cup of Tea Can Do!

Documentation on herbal teas goes back as far as ancient Egypt.

Our ancient ancestors made infusions of the plants, roots, and herbs that they found around them and discovered the medicinal use of drinking these herbal concoctions.This practice continues today with the use of herbal teas to support a healthy mind and body. (Persian Bakery)

Juicing, a path to a healthy mind and body

It’s no secret that juicing is an easy and convenient way of obtaining natural vitamins filled with living enzymes and essential minerals and antioxidants.All of which are extremely vital for optimal health. We at Yeganeh Bakery are here to help you embark on a successful juicing journey.

Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee is a main staple in the American diet.Morning, noon and night you can find people brewing up and drinking down cup after cup.

This warm and inviting beverage has been a mainstay in American culture since its inception …

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