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Served with Warm Whole Wheat Pita Bread and Mixed Greens. Fresh Sliced Cucumbers Can be Substituted for Pita as a Gluten Free Option.

n the Mediterranean culture, it is our custom to welcome guests and give them the “best of the best” our home has to offer. At Panini Kabob Grill (formerly Panini Cafe), we have embraced this culture and take every possible opportunity to provide the freshest, healthiest and highest quality ingredients we can find.

Why do our guests constantly rave about the flavour of our food? Our food arrives fresh daily and is prepared and cooked as if you were in the Mediterranean. Our chefs choose only the finest quality ingredients, including organic eggs, the best imported olive oil and cheeses from Europe, grass-fed and hormone free meats, and all of our products, as well as just-baked bread from La Brea Bakery bread, are delivered fresh daily.

Our commitment to fresh, healthy ingredients, fine food and excellent prices will make you want to stop by and treat yourself every day!

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Family Kabob Combo

2 Skewers $19.95 / 4 Skewers $39.95
Served with Basmati Rice, Brown Rice or Bulgur Pilaf and Choice of Salad
Sub Two Koobideh for One Chicken $0.95
Sub One Flat Iron for One Chicken $2.95
Sub One Salmon for One Chicken $2.95
Sub One Lamb for One Chicken $6.95
Sub One Shrimp for One Chicken $6.95
Sub One Tofu or Vegetable Kabob for One Chicken No Charge
*This Offer for Taking Out Only

Panini Kabob Grill Catering: Dine on fresh, healthy, affordable Mediterranean food for breakfast, lunch & dinner at our European style restaurants

Fruits and veggies don’t have to be “boring!” To “spice” it up, add some spices of your choice and lemon juice and you’ll have a refreshing fruit salad or zesty vegetable medley! For example, try tossing a bit of honey and lemon juice with your favourite fruits (esp. strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew and blackberries). Honey is a natural sweetener while lemon juice adds just the right twist in flavour so your salad isn’t overly sweet. We always prioritize fresh and healthier food such as this, so give it a try next time you are in the mood for a cool summer treat!..Have you tried our most colourful salad — The Date Salad?! It’s full of sweet berries and veggies, topped with our special made-in-house Pomegranate Vinaigrette.

The secret to our deliciously fresh and rich coffee? Lavazza! We only use Lavazza since it is 100% Arabica and Italian roast. Additionally, Lavazza coffee is responsibly grown and sustainable. If you’re in the mood for a tasty cup of mocha, latte, cappuccino

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