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If you are looking for a doctor who offers clinical excellence, devotion to patients, and continuity of care as outpatient and inpatient, we are here for you.

Mojgan Morshedi, MD cares for each patient as if they were her family member.

Dr. Morshedi and her great office staff would like to know you and help you with your health care needs and give you a one of a kind medical treatment you have always wanted.

Doctors of Internal Medicine have had special training in the prevention and treatment of the disease related to the different parts of the human body.

These doctors look at the body as a whole and not just focusing on one organ. They are trained to recognize diseases, treat them and if needed, refer patients to sub-specialists.

Doctor Morshedi graduated from Tehran University Medical School, in 1994. She completed her internal medicine residency at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, considered one of the top ten hospitals in the nation. She was fortunate to be chosen to practice as a hospitalist, caring for sick patients in the hospital and ICU, at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Iranian Internist in San Jose

Then In 2007, to allow her husband to complete his surgical fellowship, she moved to Columbus, OH. In Ohio, Doctor Morshedi was afforded the opportunity to work with a wonderful team of devoted internists at Mt Carmel Hospital for two years and was chosen as one of the top physicians in 2009. Finally, in late 2009, she made her last move to the wonderful Bay Area for the best education for her children.
Mojgan Morshedi, MD

enjoyed caring for patients in the hospital and was a very successful hospitalist but this did not allow her to follow up with patients. She always preferred to maintain a close relationship with her patients and provide continuity of care, which is a hospitalist alone would not allow. She believes the best care for patients is as an internist who combines inpatient and outpatient care.

Once she met with Dr. Weeks and after he graciously allowed her to assume the care of his patients, Doctor Morshedi decided to open an outpatient practice, as she knew this was the place she was going to stay permanently. That was an excellent decision, as now she can take care of patients with the most appropriate current medical therapy, promotes preventive care, health and education.

Doctor Morshedi is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and on the staff at Good Samaritan Hospital and El Camino Los Gatos Hospital. She is fortunate to have a very supportive husband, who is a surgeon, two wonderful sons, and one beautiful daughter. She looks at medicine as a tool to help people and heal their pain and treat them as her own family.

Iranian Internist in San Jose

In an effort to provide the best, most current and comprehensive care she has instituted an electronic medical records system in her office. This will allow you to send your questions and leave messages for the staff after hours in addition to traditional phone calls.

Doctor Morshedi’s Office Hours Monday – Friday: 9 am – 5 pm We understand the needs and busy schedules of our patients. Please talk to our staff to see if we can see you at a different time if you could not make to see us in our regular hours.

We are accepting new patients. If you need an appointment, please call our office at 408-358-0444. Please let us know if you need to see doctor the same day or if we can schedule you in the future. Also, call us if your regular doctor is not able to see you right away and you are sick. We can see you for your urgent needs, give a second opinion.

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