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Law Offices Of Anie Akbarian is a Glendale, California firm established in 1998 which represents clients throughout the area in matters of family law and personal injury, with a speciality in mediation.

The firm believes in peaceful resolutions as the ultimate goal for family and insurance disputes because they minimize everyone’s stress, they minimize the length of time between the conflict and the resolution, and they allow clients’ problems to remain private and confidential.

The firm’s attorneys also realize that in the case of family law disputes, mediation provides the most agreeable avenue for protecting children from the negative consequences of divorce. Persian Divorce Lawyer in Los Angeles

The Law Offices of Anie N. Akbarian uses expert negotiation strategies to get both parties involved in productive discussions that result in agreeable solutions.

The firm’s compassionate attorneys understand the difficulties and the upheaval that can result from family changes and serious injuries, and they provide help to clients, not only during but after these tumultuous events, in regard to making any necessary adjustments for the sake of moving on.

Anie N. Akbarian is an experienced trial attorney, litigating Personal Injury and Family Law cases for over 18 years. She has litigated personal injury cases involving auto accidents, spinal cord and head injuries, amputations, fractures and other less serious injuries.

She has extensive experience in litigating complex family law matter including divorce, legal separation, child/spousal support, modification and division of community assets such as real estate, pension, and other retirement benefits.

Her knowledge in the litigation process and trial experiences have allowed her to strategize all phases of litigation to a conclusion and achieve a high success rate.

The Law Offices of Anie N. Akbarian is committed to providing superior legal services to clients with the utmost integrity and professionalism.

With over 18 years of experience, Anie Akbarian is capable of providing skilled and aggressive representation at a personal level for clients suffering the emotional and financial consequences of family law and personal injury related cases.

Member | Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles
Member | San Fernando Valley Bar Association Lawyers Referral Service
Member | Armenian Bar Association

For the past 20 years, I have been litigating complex personal injury cases including serious spinal cord and head injury, amputations, fractures, dissection of vital organs and other less serious injuries.

In family law extensive experience and knowledge in litigating cases involving contested divorces, legal separations, child/spousal support, child custody, modification, etc. Conducted private and court-appointed mediation.
Anie N. Akbarian has twenty (20) years of litigation experience in Personal Injury, Family and DUI cases.

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