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consistently delivers the highest quality of food products, at excellent values. We are an international specialty market which offers a spectacular array of International specialty and ethnic foods from around the world, as well as traditional and conventional groceries.

We carry specialty products from many different countries and cultures from around the world, including Europe, the Middle East, Russia, India, Turkey and….

Balboa International Market is a market offering the greatest ingredients from distant lands and superior quality in every product. Persian Supermarket in San Diego

The finest in a choice of meats – including Halal and Kosher – to the freshest seafood, confections, an amazing abundance of fresh produce all at unbelievable low prices.

Our employees are our best partners in this endeavor, making Balboa a desirable workplace. Our staff is cordially welcoming – eager to assist you with any question or request.

We offer you the best quality and customer service at some of the lowest pricing available today.
we value our customers and welcome you
Delicious! I had their ground beef plate and my friend got the chicken and we split it.
It was great! We even bought feta at the market and ate that with our plate.
Rice yummy with butter, hot sauce, and herbs shaker makes it even better! Loved it and definitely going back!
Since the Parisian market closed on Balboa we’ve been missing this.
Fire-roasted tomato! This is me and my coworker’s new favorite spot!

Biggest selection of Middle Eastern, Persian, Russian, e.t.c. items in a San Diego market. Plus a great deli and restaurant. I like this place! Great grape leaves at an awesome price! Great Turkish coffee as well. A friend told me about it and we went to check it out. Prices are great and salads and meals they serve are awesome and yummy! I wanted sumac a spice that is hard to find and I found it here. Will for sure goes back again.
Persian food in San Diego

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