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Persian/Iranian Public Accountant in Irvine, California

Quality Audits for Private Companies and Municipalities White Nelson Diehl Evans specializes in auditing, financial accounting, and ERISA compliance for private companies and government entities.

We carefully plan out each audit upfront to reduce the time and resources we require from clients. You benefit from our engagement management letters detailing potential operating, risk-reducing, and/or cost-saving measures to strengthen your enterprise.

Our aim is to go beyond the cut-and-dried formalities of financial accounting and auditing to add significant value to your enterprise by uncovering opportunities to correct weaknesses, avoid mistakes, and save money.

Our due diligence audits of potential acquisitions provide insights into the target’s proper valuation, from the quality of earnings to skeletons in the closet.

We extensively plan out audit engagements so that we can identify all the information and resources we’ll need upfront, rather than continually coming back to you with additional requests. We commit to a schedule of critical dates and generate a computer template for our fact-gathering fieldwork.

We adhere to block scheduling – unlike some auditors that separate fieldwork and report delivery into different, and time-separated efforts, we work in a continuous block of time to deliver your audit results and management letter as soon as possible following fieldwork.

ZKCO | Zarrinkelk, Kashefipour & Co

Our management letters provide actionable recommendations to strengthen your organization, remove weaknesses, reduce risks, and cut costs. We are members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center and of the BDO Alliance. You can be confident that we have the most current resources available to handle any audit issues that arise.

Iranian Public Accountant in Irvine

Our ERISA audits present more opportunities for saving money and increasing results. White Nelson Diehl Evans develops cost/return benchmarks of mutual funds that can save money for your retirement plans and for your employees. If you’re paying high fees, we’ll recommend alternatives to lower your costs without sacrificing performance.

Our experienced, professional staff will catch and correct the errors that have caused the Department of Labor to require correction actions on 75 percent of the 3,500 ERISA audit reviews it has conducted since 2011.

White Nelson Diehl Evans is a highly respected accounting firm specializing in SMB, governmental, nonprofit and individual clients. Operating from our two offices in San Diego and Orange County, we are gratified by our 90-year heritage of quality, integrity, and work-life balance. Our dedication to client satisfaction drives everything we do.

We emphasize careful planning and excellent client communication to minimize demands on our clients’ time and resources. The key to our high-quality services is our excellent team of partners and staff. We recruit the finest candidates, promote and retain them with interesting, challenging work, and a commitment to work/life balance.

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