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Accounting & Tax Preparation

A professional accounting team, with over 22 years of experience guarantees that our customers receive expert service.

We take care of everything: from bookkeeping,

archiving, accounting, and tax consulting.

R and R Accounting Services specializes in accounting, consulting, and investments, with expertise in tax preparation, smart accounting,

financial savings programs, and professionalism. We have a passionate drive to excel with our clients, from money-conscious individuals and business owners to advise on how to attain financial freedom.

Iranian American Accountants

We help you focus

Why allow yourself to get buried in administrative and accounting details? R&R Accounting can take the burden off your shoulders and help you focus on other more pressing matters of your business.

R&R Accounting Services’ advanced archiving capabilities in combination with our educated staff help us to more accurately monitor ever-changing regulations and global finance requirements.

Accounting Professional.

Experienced. Thorough. The staff at R&R Accounting Services prides itself on providing excellent customer service, in a variety of areas including bookkeeping, archival services, and tax accounting.

Ask about our quality Payroll Services, too! (949) 863-9870 We help you focus Why should you be buried in administration and bookkeeping?

R&R Accounting Services can take the burden off of your shoulders, and help you to focus on what really matters to help your business to grow!

We are always monitoring ever-changing regulations in the tax and financial world.

And our archiving capabilities and ongoing staff education keep you ahead of the game.

How a 401(k) Works Employee 401k contributions are automatically deducted from their paycheck each pay period. The funds are taken out before the employee’s paycheck is taxed.

The contributions are invested per the employee’s direction into one or more funds provided in the plan. Employers often match employee contributions but are not required to do so. While the investments grow in the employee’s 401k account, they do not pay any taxes on it.

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