No-frills family Persian eatery serving a wide range of traditional dishes from kebabs to stews.

Since 2007, we are proud to serve the freshest Persian kabobs and stews to our customers. Our kabobs are marinated one day in advance and made to order. Stop by our restaurant for an authentic taste of Persian food. Ali F. House of Kabobs Owner/Chef

Let us know if “Like” our freshly made gourmet kabobs, stews, season specials and/or enjoy the personal service, real family business and fresh local food!

Bus: Sunnyvale & McKinley Bus Station; Bus # 55
Train: Sunnyvale Caltrain Station

Ghorme Sabzy
Simmered Aromatic Herbs, Red Beans & Pieces of Fresh Lean Beef $13
Gheyme Bademjoon
Prepared with Pieces of Fresh Lean Beef, Yellow Split Peas, Roasted Eggplant and Tomato Sauce $14
Simmered walnut and pomegranate sauce with your choice of lamb or chicken $15
Main Entrees Served with Basmati Rice and Grilled Tomato
Kabob Koobideh
Two Skewers of Lean Ground Lamb & Beef, Marinated with Our Special Persian Seasoning $12.5
Koobideh Morgh
Two Skewers of Juicy Ground Chicken, Marinated with Saffron and Our Special Persian Seasoning $12.5
Chicken Kabob
One Skewer of Saffron-Marinated Chicken Breast Cubes $13
Beef Kabob
One Skewer of Lightly Marinated Beef Fillet Cubes $17
Barreh Kabob
One Skewer of Marinated Boneless Lamb Leg Cubes $15
Zereshk Polo with Joojeh Kabob
One Skewer of Saffron-Marinated Chicken Breast Served with Generous Portion of Rice, Topped with Tangy Sautéed Barberries $16
Salmon Kabob
Limited Quantity Available, Please Ask Your Server. $15
Veggie Kabob
Grilled Mushroom, Zucchini, Bell Pepper and Onion $10
Shishlik One Skewer of Lightly Marinated French Lamb Chops $23
Barg One Skewer of Lightly Marinated Fillet Mignon $21
Combo’s Served with Basmati Rice and Grilled Tomato
House of Kabobs “Special for Two”
Two servings of Saffron-topped Rice and Four skewers of Kabobs; One Lamb, One Chicken Breast, Two Koobidehs (Ground Chicken and Ground Lamb & Beef) …

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