Homa Brows & Waxing | Beverly Hills: Michelle Beverly Hills: Beauty salon in Beverly Hills, California, WELCOME We’re happy you’re here! Our mission is to offer the best in beauty to all. From quality, ingredients and packaging, to earth friendly.

You’ll find speciality waxing, natural skincare, body care and makeup all in one place.

BODY WAXING Full Leg Half leg Bikini Brazilian Playboy Half Leg and Bikini Full Leg and Bikini Underarms Full Arms Half Arm Back Wax Chest Stomach. Iranian / Persian Beauty salons in

MICHELLE O’NEILL is widely known by her clients as the ‘go to’ for eyebrows shaping, bikini wax, and her knowledge in skin and body matter. For the past three decades, Michelle has taken pride in perfecting the discreet and delicate art of an intimate wax. Focusing on the unique needs of an individual, she has worked with top-notch celebrities from Rene Zellweger to Penelope Cruz, from managers to assistants alike.

Michelle’s is often referred to as a ‘girls club’; you never know who you’ll meet or run into, at her salon. She allows each person to cultivate their smart and sassy sides, while always keeping things confidential. Michelle has always been a lover of refined art and beauty. She grew up in Romania, immediately surrounded by the rich culture of her family, friends and country. At 14, she began her official plunge into beauty, when she cut her father’s hair. Her talent was natural, and her family knew it. With their love and support, she channelled and practised her passion any way she could; eventually leading her to study this art in college. Here she learned that it wasn’t just a matter of being good, it was a matter of using your craft to become an expert.
Homa Brows & Waxing | Beverly Hills: SKIN CARE TREATMENT Radiance Oxygen Infusion $150 60min Superior Revitalization for healthy skin and radiant glow 24k Gold with KollagenX $215 60min The ultimate in luxury and cleansing to reveal fresher, younger skin Micro’ Cell Abrasion $200 60min Combats fine line, pigmentation, acne scarring and sun damage for a refined complexion. The treatment also includes a 10% of an enzyme peel to reduce fine line and sun damage Hydra Lift $250 60min Encourages the formation of new cells for visible smoother hydrated skin using an infusion of vitamins and bioflavonoid Diva Lux $210 60min Ready for Paparazzi? This luxurious treatment will have you red carpet worthy. Iranian yellow pages
It detoxifies, decongests and erases the lack of sleep and nutrient.
This treatment will have incorporated humectants, cold compresses to drainage lymphatic glands, LED lamp to tighten recover, tone and revive the lustre of the complexion followed by Calendula Hibiscus recovery mask. MAINTENANCE TREATMENT Probiotic I Corrective $195 50min Detoxifying treatment for problematic and congested condition Royal Signature $175 55min Specific classic European skin treatment, which incorporates all the benefits of aromatherapy Princess I Teenager Treat $110 50min Perfect skincare choice to meet the unique challenges of pre and teenage skin Sexy Back $125 45min A must for sporty types or special occasion Beach Ready
-Sun Undone $165 50min After a day at the beach or redness flare-ups, stress, wind, extreme temperatures or simply couperose, this is the treatment for you. Provides fast relief to calm and soothe easily inflamed, sensitive skin Urban Cleanse For Men$155 60min Unwind, cleanse, detox and groom SKIN THERAPY BOOT CAMP PACKAGES You deserve sexy, confident, clear and balanced skin tone! Choose a series of 3 and receive a complimentary enhancement. Choose a series of 5 and receive the 6th on the house.

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