Men’s Hair Cut In Lake Forest
Are you looking for the best Men’s Hair Cut in the Lake Forest area? Be Unik Men’s Salon in Lake Forest is the hair salon that picky men get their hair cut. Madison has many years of experience in getting men’s hair cut. Be Unik Men’s Salon has been rated as one of the best Hair Salon in Lake Forest and remains at the top of Yelp’s Best Salons list. Whether you’re seeking a new style, color or cut, Be Unik Men’s Salon welcomes each client as an old friend of the salon and will provide expert advice tailored to your hair type. With over 10 years experience in the hair industry in combination with our 5-star service that we grant each client, we strives to surpass your hair care expectations. Visit Be Unik Men’s Salon today and find out why we continue to rank as one of the top salons in Lake Forest.

We offer the following services:

Men’s Haircut (A perfectly tailored Men’s haircut) $45

Executive Haircut(5 minutes head massage) $50

Tween Haircut $40

Child Haircut $37

Razor Haircut $45

Clean Up $15

Hot Lather Shave $35

Hot Lather Shave/Facial $40

Beard Trim $15

Beard Trim + Line Up + Towel Treatment $27

Beard Trim + Line Up $25

Mustache Trim $10

Body Wax
Brow Wax $25

Nose or Ear Wax $11

Back Wax $70
Back with Shoulder Wax $75
Half Back with Shoulder Wax $45
Chest & Stomach Wax $55
Stomach Wax $25

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